Acting Your Age

Have you ever found yourself acting like something less than grown up in front of your children?  I have.  In fact, just this week, I slammed around the kitchen, fuming and muttering some not so nice words, as I tried for the umpteenth time to catch the gerbil (that is not mine) who mysteriously escaped his cage.  The loving, wise, all-knowing mother took a vacation and in her place some dark and dismal, nagging woman showed up.  I heard myself recount the many times I have fed said gerbil without help from other family members.  During one of my tirades, I reminded everyone that “gerbil escape” was one of my major concerns prior to purchasing this gerbil.  I went on to intuitively predict the destruction of our kitchen by a rodent who would chew through every cupboard and wall, costing the family thousands of dollars.  I declared in no uncertain terms that I was DONE trying to capture this rodent, done!  Only to be humiliated moments later when I was caught, lying on the kitchen floor, peeking under the stove and pleading with Mr. Gerbil to, “please come nibble on the sunflower seed.”  This week has taught me some important lessons.  Like many mothers, I take pride in my ability to handle the large crisis.  It’s the small things that are sometimes my “undoing.”  I have had to say, “I’m sorry,” more than once.  I’ve discovered just how little patience I really do have.  And, I have decided to be more forgiving in the future when someone decades younger than myself makes a fool of themselves and “loses it.”  After all, “acting your age,” is sometimes really, really hard!

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