Help us Purchase a Pedal Desk!

Oh, my goodness! Only SIX days left. Please help us purchase even one pedal desk. We are $700 short of purchasing our first piece of equipment. Donate more and we will purchase two or more, giving more kids an opportunity to play AND maintain good cardio health.

Invention Week at Fidgets2Widgets

   Buildcraft Inventions Today we learned more about Edison/Tesla's inventions, took a quiz, watched a silent movie of Edison's life and created some of our own inventions on Buildcraft. Here is a solar farm, an automated mail system and an oil refinery. Our Widgetarians are AMAZING!!            

ADHD and Screen Time

We have many ADHD kids at F2W and have worked with many over the years. An ADD mind needs enough stimulation and direction to harness its awesome power. Trying to quiet it or shut it down never works well and increases anxiety. Sometimes, having music going in the background while reading or doing two things … Continue reading ADHD and Screen Time