Autumn Schedule at Fidgets2Widgets

For all of those Widgetarians who have asked, here is the Fall after school schedule at F2W. Hours are from 1:00-7:00 so that we can accommodate various school dismissal times. Each day includes Homework help, Minecraft time, and an Enrichment Module. OPEN ALL DAY ON NON-SCHOOL DAYS! LEARNING MODULE THEMES Daily Routine Includes Homework Help, Minecraft & … Continue reading Autumn Schedule at Fidgets2Widgets

Theatre in Minecraft

Widgetarians designed Theatre Stages in Minecraft today. Working individually and in small groups, seven stages were built. Small groups created scripts and their productions were streamed for the whole group of 30+ kids to watch midst cheering and clapping. Fireworks, dancing animal puppets, stand-up comedians and knock-knock jokes were just a few of the shows enjoyed by all. … Continue reading Theatre in Minecraft