Widgetarians got “Swag”

Today we sewed on buttons (hard to predict which kids would get into it and which kids wouldn't) and that was fun. We did some animation programming. We learned about writing checks, investigated the pluses and minuses of applying for credit and took turns being the applicant or banker. We talked about being popular, and … Continue reading Widgetarians got “Swag”

Tolerance & Compassion

One of the downsides of adulthood is that we lose our patience. One of the gifts of childhood is amazing levels of tolerance and compassion. This week we have witnessed repeated willingness to "show" or help, to quickly laugh at mistakes and shrug it off, to engage light heartedness and joy. We think we might … Continue reading Tolerance & Compassion

Quarterly Artist at F2W, Judith Sparks

At Fidgets2Widgets we will be profiling local artists quarterly. This first quarter our area artist, Judith Sparks, has three pieces in theF2W space. Our Widgetarians will learn about various art forms, telling story through art and how to use artful expression. Stay tuned......