Energetic Beings

A computer consists of a metal or plastic casing, a hard drive made of microchips and electrical components that will conduct electricity.  Software is the “brain” of the computer that allows downloading, uploading, processing and computing to take place.  This brain consists of memory chips to retain information.  Energy is what animates all of the … Continue reading Energetic Beings

Computer Games and the Internet

Saul loves to play role playing games (RPG) on the computer.  In fact, he loves the game he’s currently playing so much that he would do just about anything to level up his character.  In the early days of play, he would manipulate younger more inexperienced characters to acquire highly valued items.  After being banned … Continue reading Computer Games and the Internet


As I sit at my computer trying to write, my powers of concentration are assaulted by constant frenetic sounds coming from our gerbil cages.  I grew up with the belief that every child needs a pet.  Living in the country, I was fortunate to have helped take care of lambs, rabbits, many cats, several dogs, … Continue reading Pets

Scary Times

Recently my twelve-year old asked me about global warming.  He was afraid the planet would be so hot by the time he grew up that everyone would die.  I talked about how slowly the planet is warming and how we are doing so much as a family and society to change the trends.  I talked … Continue reading Scary Times

Energetic Types and Illness

Carla didn’t feel well.  Her throat was scratchy, her back ached and she felt cold.  She curled up in her blankets, trying to get warm.  When mom came in to get her up for school she knew right away that Carla was sick.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, mom began rubbing her back.  … Continue reading Energetic Types and Illness

The Joys of Parenting

Parenting is an amazing and wondrous experience.  Yes, there are patches that test the best of us, but overall, the joys are many.  If you go to work every day focusing only on how hard the day is going to be, how overwhelmed and unprepared you feel, you are likely to have some pretty bad … Continue reading The Joys of Parenting

The High School and College Years

We've talked about younger children going back to school, but we haven't really addressed the older kids returning to high school or college.  The ether stage of development is often frightening to parents who fear the consequences of youthful rebellion.  Stories of substance abuse and violence on campus worry us.  Teen movies depicting sexual conquests … Continue reading The High School and College Years


A question was submitted yesterday regarding respectful behavior.  "How can I encourage my child to feel and express their feelings, when this results in a disrespectful attitude?"  First, you must take into consideration the age of the child in question.  During the ages of 1-15 months, a child is in the earth stage of development … Continue reading Respect

School Days

Matthew sits on the floor of the living room filling his backpack with school supplies.  He can't believe that the summer is already over.  "Why is it that summer time goes by so quickly and the school year goes by so slowly," he wonders?  He feels a little excited as he heads for his classroom … Continue reading School Days

A Life of Balance

One of the greatest gifts that we can give our children is to teach them to pay attention to how they feel physically, emotionally and energetically.  Asking your child questions can help clarify where there might be a lack of balance: Do I feel sick, hungry, sleepy?  Am I sad, angry, afraid, overwhelmed, happy? Is … Continue reading A Life of Balance