F2W Birthday Parties

We want to celebrate your birthday with you!  Packages start at $75 for two hours. Minecraft Themes Technology Themes Gaming and more....... Package 1  $75/2 hours for up to 10 children ($10 per head above 10) Access to Computers, Gaming Consoles, TV's, Games, etc. Package 2 $125/2 hours for up to 10 children ($10 per head … Continue reading F2W Birthday Parties

Fourth of July and Holiday Musings

I love holidays, for they are usually family centered times.  Each Holiday has an energetic basis.  For example, Thanksgiving is the "earth" energy holiday.  We honor our earthy needs for food and shelter, spending time with our families sharing the spirit of gratitude.  Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza are "watery" holidays filled with the effusive emotion of goodwill, giving … Continue reading Fourth of July and Holiday Musings

Being Different–No Halloween for You!

Jordan fidgets in his desk.  He looks at the clock for about the hundredth time.  He can’t wait for this day to be over.  All of his friends are sporting ghoulish costumes while he sits at his desk in plain old jeans and a shirt.  Halloween is stupid!  A few months later, in the very … Continue reading Being Different–No Halloween for You!

Summertime Doldrums

I have very fond memories of summer time as a child.  My days were filled with wandering around outside aimlessly, playing with friends, going swimming, family picnics, boredom, attempting cockamamie projects with my brother and drinking lemonade that was too sour.  I don't remember my parents or relatives stressing out at the idea of children … Continue reading Summertime Doldrums