Parental Responsibility

Within the animal kingdom there are many different styles of parenting.  Some animals diligently care for their young for several years, others seem to use an intensive, short period of time to instill all the lessons necessary for survival.  There are birds that lay their eggs in someone else's nest, expecting them to raise their … Continue reading Parental Responsibility


Kyle taps his foot impatiently as he waits for his mother and teacher to finish chatting in the classroom. He knows he is in trouble again, but he's not sure why.  He looks around the hallway, an all too familiar scene.  He spends a lot of time in this hallway, away from his classmates and … Continue reading ADD


Why is it that the same child diagnosed with ADHD at school, can sit in front of a video screen for hours on end?  Many parents feel exasperated at the thought that their child can't sit still for 15 minutes of Social Studies, yet can easily sit for an hour of video game play.  I've … Continue reading ADHD


It feels good to be back!  After 8 days of camping in the redwoods, sleeping in a tent and otherwise roughing it, my bed has never felt so good.  I'm not an avid camper.  I just participate in this get-away each year in order to socialize with extended family.  There is always an adjustment period, … Continue reading Home


We're going camping in the next few days and I can't wait.  There is something to be said for hiking in the redwoods, eating gritty food from the campfire, waking up with an aching back, getting mosquito bites and just hanging out.  My son will go through technology withdrawal the first couple of days and … Continue reading Camping

The Past vs. the Present

One of  my favorite sayings is, "It's no big deal."  I am quick to reassure the people in my family that everything is okay.  My intentions are good.   I am not trying to minimize or dismiss things, I am just trying to be of comfort and "move on."  One of the reasons that I do … Continue reading The Past vs. the Present

Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire

Sonja is a conscientious mother.  She spent a lot of time prior to having children educating herself about the responsibilities of parenting.  She entered motherhood with a very high level of commitment to her spouse, her children and the world at large.  Her youngest child, Stephen, is nine-years old and in the "fire" stage of … Continue reading Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire

Summertime Doldrums

I have very fond memories of summer time as a child.  My days were filled with wandering around outside aimlessly, playing with friends, going swimming, family picnics, boredom, attempting cockamamie projects with my brother and drinking lemonade that was too sour.  I don't remember my parents or relatives stressing out at the idea of children … Continue reading Summertime Doldrums

Grief and Loss

I spoke with a friend over the weekend, whose family has lost a cat.  It has been several days now, and they are beginning to really worry.  They've peppered the neighborhood with signs, they've walked and driven nearby streets looking for their orange tabby.  They've done everything possible to find this family pet.  The time … Continue reading Grief and Loss

Family Energies

Lori loves the 4th of July with all of its loud noises and fireworks.  She could hardly wait for the celebrations to begin this past Wednesday.  She chattered on and on in excited anticipation. When dusk finally arrived, she was a whirlwind of activity.  Her brother Sage, on the other hand, was nonchalant.  He moved … Continue reading Family Energies