Power Struggles

I really don't like the term "power struggle."  When parents, teachers or childhood experts use this phrase, they are usually talking about a battle for control or dominance.  Families seem like the last place to me that such struggles should occur.  Remember, we're talking about a family where parents waited with baited breath for their … Continue reading Power Struggles


I am reading a fascinating book about cell biology.  I've learned that the human body is comprised of about 50 trillion cells, an almost mind blowing fact when you consider that the 50 trillion cells began as just two little cells joining and subsequently dividing.  These vibrating cells energetically talk to each other as they … Continue reading Cells

Happy Noises

I've had the opportunity to be around two children this week who have exhibited great exuberance and joy.  The first child, a pre-school age girl, was allowed to emote through squeals and laughter.  She wasn't "shushed" or corrected.  She was the epitome of happiness.  The second child, a first-grade boy, was equally as happy.  I … Continue reading Happy Noises


Dillon stares out the window straining to see if his dad's car has come into view.  He calls out to his mother for the fourth time that morning, asking her what time it is.  The routine is the same every other weekend.  Dillon gets up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, only to … Continue reading Loyalties


I talked in an earlier blog about "do overs," those intentional actions we take to make things right after we've made a specific mistake. Everyone makes mistakes in parenting.  But what do you do if damage or delays occur as a result of repeated mistakes or misunderstandings?  For example, many of us belonged to families … Continue reading Backtracking


Many of us teach our children from a very young age to say, "please" and "thank you."  We want our children to be socially appropriate and polite.  I had an opportunity the other day to observe two brothers.  I was struck by their almost precocious politeness.  Yet when playing with each other and interacting with … Continue reading Gratitude

Mean Girls

Kelly found herself hiding in the bathroom at recess for the fifth time this week.  She had tried to talk to the teacher, but nothing ever happened.  The other girls were making her life miserable and she didn't know how much more she could take.  At lunch, the girls had passed around cartoons depicting her … Continue reading Mean Girls

The Good Ole Days

Try as we might to be sophisticated and forward thinking parents, it is easy to look back fondly at the "good ole days," and criticize our child's latest gadget or fascination.  We hated it when our parents criticized us, but we rationalize that today's generation is different.  My mom used to scold me for having … Continue reading The Good Ole Days


My 12-year old son just returned home from a vacation to grandmas.  Upon seeing each other at the airport, we flew into each other's arms, happy to see each other again. The long trip home was filled with story after story of his week long adventures.  It was a wonderful reunion for the whole family.  … Continue reading Expectations

Good Days & Bad

I'm feeling a little edgy today, not really grumpy, but just enough "off" to notice it.  I'm not my usual chipper self and don't feel like chatting.  Today is a day for introspection. I'm used to the ups and downs of life and make allowances for days like these.  I haven't known anyone in my … Continue reading Good Days & Bad