Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

I watched as Jesse fidgeted at the art table.  I offered him some tools with which to draw and he chose the colored chalk.  A few moments later, I stepped across the room to grab a game and in that 30 second period, Jesse managed to tear some big holes in the paper and draw … Continue reading Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

Stop that Child!

Ever have the opportunity to observe children who ignore their parents, children who are totally in control of what happens in the family?  I recently watched as a little boy of about eleven grabbed some candy from a candy bowl in a professional office.  His mother immediately told him to put the candy back.  He … Continue reading Stop that Child!

Winds of Change

Change is hard.  My family and I just finished moving into a new home and even though this home is great and exactly what we have been looking for, it’s been stressful.  Even positive changes produce stress.  Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with life’s unexpected challenges.  One family member withdraws … Continue reading Winds of Change