My 12 year-old is such a sensitive soul. I continue to be amazed at how attracted and drawn he is to the healing and intuitive arts. For instance, he keeps telling me that he "needs a massage." Last night, I was playing with a deck of collage cards, asking a question about my well being … Continue reading Healing


Addiction issues begin with a wounding in the Earth Stage of Development. As babies and infants, our hunger pangs may not be recognized, our bodies might be cold and not covered adequately, or our cries left unattended. Later in life, because there is some energetic wounding, our need to self soothe and self satisfy is … Continue reading Addictions

Punk Rocker or Air Stage?

The first thing 13 year old Nicholas did was tell his parents he wanted to be addressed from now on as, "Nick." Next, he began to listen to more punk rock and dress in black. Gone were the bright reds and yellows of his youth. The good news is, Nick is actually right on track … Continue reading Punk Rocker or Air Stage?

Energy for a Lifetime

A friend recently asked me why the Energetic Model of development doesn't span the entire lifetime. My reply was that if a healthy, balanced Foundation is created in Childhood, then you will be able to enjoy an Adulthood of health, joy and balance. That is why I am so passionately committed to getting it "right" … Continue reading Energy for a Lifetime

A Prince’s Kiss

Precious and precocious, four-year-old Tracy is in the Water Stage of Development. The Energy of this stage is about Creating and Connecting. Breathlessly, Tracy turns to her playmate Jack and directs him. "As the Prince, you must reach down and kiss me so I wake up from my long sleep." How's that for Creating and … Continue reading A Prince’s Kiss