Minecraft Summer Camp at Fidgets2Widgets is a unique experience for ages 8–14. If your child is interested in Minecraft, gaming, technology, and STEM topics, then F2W is the perfect camp for them! With full and half days available, camp can be what you need it to be to fit your busy summer schedule.

Each week features a learning theme that Widgetarians focus the fire of their energy on during the day between Minecraft, Exer-breaks, and other technology activities. Learning themes cover many areas of interest—Minecraft Redstone, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, and Internet Etiquette and Safety just to name a few.

Whether your Widgetarians are with us for the morning, for the afternoon, or all day, their experience will be full of safe Minecraft and computer time, a casual learning environment that caters to their interest, and lots of like-minded peers with which to play and learn.

Morning hours—7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Afternoon hours—1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sample Daily Summer Schedule

  • Arrival at Fidgets2Widgets
  • Computer time with friends—30 Min
  • Exer-break (Jumparoo, exercise bike, EyeClick games) 10–15 Min
  • Learning Module-unique theme-based curriculum
  • Computer time with friends/makerspace/virtual reality
  • Lunch
  • Group activity
  • Learning module—unique theme-based curriculum
  • Computer time with friends/makerspace/virtual reality

Summer 2016 Schedule

June 6–10                Game Based Learning and STEM (Exploring games with science, tech, engineering & math focus)
June 13–17              Sandbox Game Week (Theories around sandbox play & new sandbox games)
June 20–24              Minecraft Mania-PvP (Strategy, sportsmanship & more)
June 27–July 1         Redstone Week (Electrical wiring & circuitry with Minecraft redstone)
July 5–8                   Coding and Programming (JavaScript, Blockly, Python languages)
July 11–15               3-D Printing/Maker Space (3-D Printing & Design, Sphero balls, sewing)
July 18–22               YouTube Video Making Week ( Make YouTube Minecraft/Gaming & stop-motion videos)
July 25–29               Virtual Reality Week (Oculus Rift & other VR devices, theories)
August 1–5              Animation/Anime (Japanese anime, American animation & design your own)
August 8–12            Electronic Music Creation (Electronic music & EDM creation)
August 15–19         Role Playing Games and What they teach us (RPG creation & popular RPG gameplay)
August 22–26         Crafting and Building Week ( Minecraft builds, new architecture & design platforms)
Aug 29–Sept 2        Digital Citizenship, Servers, and Clouds (Online safety)
Sept 5–9                  KidsBiz (Brand building, budgeting & more)