School Year Activities at Fidgets2Widgets

After school hours at Fidgets2Widgets daily 1:00-7:00. Get help with homework, learn coding, play minecraft, exercise, socialize with friends. Become more than a passive technology user. Create, modify, play.............

Kids and the Virtual World

At FIdgets2Widgets, we guide kids as they become active creators of their digital life rather than just passive users. They are the generation that will inherit the virtual world and we are committed to helping them be responsible stewards of it.

Fall Line-up at Fidgets2Widgets

September 3-6 and Sept. 9 -- 1/2 day or full day optionsBIZ KIDSNAVIGATING SOCIAL MEDIAMINECRAFTEDU ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGNSeptember 10----> ForwardMornings Homeschoolers and Fields TripsAfternoons 2:00-7:00----Homework Help, Learning Modules, Minecraft Edu 

Virtual Pain

Powerful lessons were shared in minecraft this week at F2W. One centered around empathy and compassion. A tamed pet was killed in the game. Yes, it was a virtual-world pet. It was not a "real" death, yet tears were shed, feelings were hurt and forgiveness had to be earned. We strive to honor all feelings … Continue reading Virtual Pain


We adults know what grief is, that strong emotion connected with loss. Griefing is a 21st century term that refers to annoying or destructive online behaviors. It is called griefing because destroying someone's property, on Minecraft or some other game, creates grief for the other players. Here at Fidgets2Widgets, we have rules around NO GRIEFING. … Continue reading Griefing

BMXing in Minecraft

One of the things we are exploring this week at Fidgets2Widgets is bike culture and basic bike maintenance. After watching some extreme BMX bike videos, our Widgetarians took on the task of creating some BMX bike trails for themselves. Pretty awesome jumps, twists and turns. Watch! BMXing in Minecraft