Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

It's much more common than you think. You are not alone. Parents everywhere are struggling to keep up with their children in math, science and the digital arts. This may be the first generation where parents don't know better or more. How could we possibly know more when everything is moving so quickly? Learning is now an … Continue reading Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

Fearless Parenting

Fearless parenting requires two things. First, you must trust yourself. Second, you must trust your child. You can do both. From the time you held that beautiful infant in your arms until today, your child has been guiding you. Simple at first, it just started with, "I'm hungry, I hurt, I need you." Over time … Continue reading Fearless Parenting

I forgot about my homework!

A dreaded phrase in our house is, "Oh Mom, I forgot that I have a paper due tomorrow. Can you help me?" This phrase is usually delivered with the appropriate amount of panic in the voice, 10 minutes before bedtime. For years and years and years (having three sons) I would reluctantly agree and join … Continue reading I forgot about my homework!

First Days of School

Transitions can be hard. The transition from summer time play and activities to school routines are no exception. You can help your child adjust by paying attention to their energetic needs. Kids who are organized, hard working, pragmatic, earthy types need structure, to get to school on time. Those watery connectors/feelers worry about the social … Continue reading First Days of School

Trouble at School–When the teacher calls for a conference….

Now that school is well underway, there are parents who are discovering that their children have learning or attention issues that they never knew existed.  Teachers are gently delivering news that is difficult for any parent to hear.  That adorable baby who showed every sign of genius level intelligence has grown into a child who … Continue reading Trouble at School–When the teacher calls for a conference….

The No Homework Zone

HOMEWORK!  For some parents, the mere sound of the word strikes terror to the heart, for they remember past years filled with procrastination, lost assignments, more procrastination and conferences with teacher.  Gone are the tranquil, Norman Rockwell evenings of summer.  Replaced, instead, by evenings filled with diplomatic negotiations and familial stand-offs.  If you are a … Continue reading The No Homework Zone

School Days

Matthew sits on the floor of the living room filling his backpack with school supplies.  He can't believe that the summer is already over.  "Why is it that summer time goes by so quickly and the school year goes by so slowly," he wonders?  He feels a little excited as he heads for his classroom … Continue reading School Days

School Attire

Kelsey was excited.  She and mom were going shopping--her favorite thing to do.  She couldn't wait to buy some new outfits for school.  She knew exactly what she wanted too.  She hurried to the wrack of blouses and began making her choices.  Mom made her way to the trousers, thinking she could help speed things … Continue reading School Attire