Fidgets2Widgets operates year-round, offering programs after school during the school year, as well as summer intensives. Fidgets2Widgets is a MinecraftEdu site with a private server, custom maps, structured and supervised screen time. We strive to fuel children’s innate curiosity with inspiring curriculum and cutting-edge technology. This unique environment transforms the learning experience and enhances both in-school and out-of-school time.

Fidgets2Widgets is a technology-focused enrichment program in a holistic environment. This unique program offers twenty-first century skill building with a casual learning approach.

View our weekly theme schedule here. We offer sibling discounts and scholarships. There are some carpooling opportunities available during the school year. Attend Fidgets2Widgets every day during the school year and earn a free laptop! Call for more information.

Sample Daily Schedule

    • 2:00–3:30   Arrival at Fidgets2Widgets
    • 2:00–3:30  Computer Time with friends and homework
    • 3:30–4:00  Exer-break (Jumparoo, exercise bike)
    • 4:00–5:15   Learning Module—unique theme-based curriculum
    • 5:15–7:00   Computer time with friends/makerspace/virtual reality