When Kids Get Sick

Children in just about every classroom across the United States have begun to come home with sore throats, runny noses or upset stomachs.  We as parents aren’t surprised.  We’re programmed to expect these mini viral epidemics once school starts.  We make sure the school attendance line number is handy.  We check with our backup care … Continue reading When Kids Get Sick

Energetic Types and Illness

Carla didn’t feel well.  Her throat was scratchy, her back ached and she felt cold.  She curled up in her blankets, trying to get warm.  When mom came in to get her up for school she knew right away that Carla was sick.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, mom began rubbing her back.  … Continue reading Energetic Types and Illness

Rites of Passage

My twelve-year old son visited the orthodontist this week and now has a full set of braces.  My heart jumps every time I see his metal smile, for it seems my little boy is disappearing.  I didn't realize what an affect this metal hardware would have on me.  I had no idea that a dental … Continue reading Rites of Passage