Our program is based on an energetic child development model that addresses the unique character traits, learning style, and energy level of each child. Fidgets2Widgets honors a child’s natural way of being in the world while helping them progress through the developmental stages of middle childhood. We strive to meet the holistic needs—physical, emotional, motivational, social, expressive, and intellectual—of each child.

High Energy

Twenty-first century kids can tolerate and absorb an amazing amount of sensory information and stimulation. Their minds move quickly, their attention spans can be short, and they do best when taking information in small bytes. In addition, all children have enormous amounts of physical energy. F2W is designed to accommodate both the internal and external high- energy needs of children.

High Tech

Today the world is literally at our fingertips. Adults communicate with each other through texting and social media, learn through programs on personal and work computers, and read books on e-readers. Our children are no different. From infancy, they are exposed to and inundated by these high technology devices. At F2W we strike a healthy balance between the physical, the sedentary, and the intellectual. We utilize technologies that enrich daily learning experience and stay active with our Wii and Kinect sporting devices. We nourish children’s spirit through music on our iPods and books on our iPads and Kindles.

Benefit to Children

  • The Afterschool Cool School!
  • Promotes State of the Art, Neurology Friendly Technology™
  • Interactive Exercise WiiU, Kinect, and Jungle Jumparoo
  • Face-to-Face Socialization and Relationship Building while Learning
  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Fun
  • Structured, Stimulating Modular Activities

Benefit to Parents

  • Professional, Energetic Coaches™ and Instructors Guide Children as they Learn
  • Peace of Mind
  • Combating Sedentary Lifestyles with Structured Exercise Breaks from Computers
  • Children Receive Mentoring and Character Building
  • Economical

Benefit to Community

  • Meet an unmet need
  • Location close to neighborhood schools
  • Supervised and stimulated children are balanced individuals
  • Challenged children become community leaders