Role Playing Games

We just completed our Role Playing Game (RPG) Week and it was an epic success. Here's a call out to a few of the AMAZING RPG that we were privileged to play this week. First, #Minecraft: Story Mode, a refreshing new way to interact with the Minecraft themes everyone loves, this RPG felt new and challenged … Continue reading Role Playing Games

Discipline and Restorative Justice

We often receive questions about our approach to discipline at Fidgets2Widgets. It can be tricky when dealing with 8-14 year olds who are in the process of maturing. After all, discipline for us is never about punishment, but always about helping children to develop their own internal code, their own self-discipline. Sometimes a child just needs … Continue reading Discipline and Restorative Justice

Why can’t my child do his math?

We hear it all the time. Chad is supposed to be working on his math and has been at it for what seems like hours! His study time has been interrupted by several trips to the bathroom, petting the dog, checking the fridge, playing with the tablecloth, examining his hands. Mom is certain he is … Continue reading Why can’t my child do his math?

Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

It's much more common than you think. You are not alone. Parents everywhere are struggling to keep up with their children in math, science and the digital arts. This may be the first generation where parents don't know better or more. How could we possibly know more when everything is moving so quickly? Learning is now an … Continue reading Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

Right Answer, Wrong Answer. “Did I get it right?”

Can I say it? Will you quit reading about Fidgets2Widgets if I say it in public? Well here goes. I'm going to type the words on this page......."I hate homework." I didn't say I won't help your child with their homework. I will help cheerfully and conscientiously. But, I have learned to hate homework because the focus … Continue reading Right Answer, Wrong Answer. “Did I get it right?”