Family Energies

Lori loves the 4th of July with all of its loud noises and fireworks.  She could hardly wait for the celebrations to begin this past Wednesday.  She chattered on and on in excited anticipation. When dusk finally arrived, she was a whirlwind of activity.  Her brother Sage, on the other hand, was nonchalant.  He moved … Continue reading Family Energies

What to Wear

One of the things that parents and children often disagree about is clothing.  I knew a little boy of five who insisted on wearing red glittery shoes just like Dorothy's in the wizard of oz.  I've known a little second grade girl who refused to wear anything but dresses 365 days a year, no matter … Continue reading What to Wear


Yes, I saw the new Transformer movie over the holiday.  I stood in line waiting to enter the theater for about an hour.  Next to me, stood a father and his three daughters.  The girls were bubbling over with enthusiasm.  All three had brought along their favorite transformers.  They kept asking their father questions about … Continue reading Transformers

The Energy of Holidays

I love holidays, for they are usually family centered times.  Each Holiday has an energetic basis.  For example, Thanksgiving is the "earth" energy holiday.  We honor our earthy needs for food and shelter, spending time with our families sharing the spirit of gratitude.  Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza are "watery" holidays filled with the effusive emotion of goodwill, giving … Continue reading The Energy of Holidays

Right Answers

I spoke yesterday about modeling honesty for our children.  One of the aspects of honesty that I didn't address, is a child's innate need to please.  This need for adult approval and acceptance can take several forms.  One way a child can appear to lie, is by changing their responses when questioned.  Desperate to find … Continue reading Right Answers


I once lost my keys when shopping for groceries.  My oldest child was only five then and loved to join me in  perusing the shelves and picking out our food for the coming week.  We had been at the store for about 45 mintues and I was done!  I wrote a check, grabbed my purse … Continue reading Honesty

Power Struggles

I really don't like the term "power struggle."  When parents, teachers or childhood experts use this phrase, they are usually talking about a battle for control or dominance.  Families seem like the last place to me that such struggles should occur.  Remember, we're talking about a family where parents waited with baited breath for their … Continue reading Power Struggles


I am reading a fascinating book about cell biology.  I've learned that the human body is comprised of about 50 trillion cells, an almost mind blowing fact when you consider that the 50 trillion cells began as just two little cells joining and subsequently dividing.  These vibrating cells energetically talk to each other as they … Continue reading Cells

Happy Noises

I've had the opportunity to be around two children this week who have exhibited great exuberance and joy.  The first child, a pre-school age girl, was allowed to emote through squeals and laughter.  She wasn't "shushed" or corrected.  She was the epitome of happiness.  The second child, a first-grade boy, was equally as happy.  I … Continue reading Happy Noises


Dillon stares out the window straining to see if his dad's car has come into view.  He calls out to his mother for the fourth time that morning, asking her what time it is.  The routine is the same every other weekend.  Dillon gets up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, only to … Continue reading Loyalties