The Butterfly Effect at Fidgets2Widgets

The "Butterfly Effect" theorizes that a distant butterfly flapping its wings can/does effect weather formation clear across the globe. Chaos theory embodies this principle. This past week at Fidgets2Widgets we experienced ordered independent expressions, creativity and yes, CHAOS. In sharing creative, playful and work space, in sharing our very breath as we live and breathe … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect at Fidgets2Widgets

21st Century Childhood F2W Style

Childhood means coming to Fidgets2Widgets in your Martial Arts Uniform or favorite Minecraft T-shirt; coming with your favorite girlfriends to play Minecraft and then make glitter pictures after; teaching your mom how to use the balance board; learning all about programming or modding; making real time friends to play in virtual and real worlds at … Continue reading 21st Century Childhood F2W Style