Homework at F2W

This week has been a great week for homework at F2W! We've done math story problems, read, started geometry AND practiced spelling words. After homework we have created GoAnimate videos and collaborated in a two-day Minecraft challenge. This challenge was to work together on a very large farm with hundreds of chickens, cows, horses, sheep … Continue reading Homework at F2W

Super Smash Bros Tournament

Announcing Noah Friesen's First, Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament. Sunday, September 22nd from 3:00-5:00. Boys and girls ages 10-15 welcome. Cost: $6 Register by calling 541.990.5437 or email: mtnnfriesen@comcast.net. Come sharpen your skills, compete with friends, have some fun and win a super cool trophy!  Fidgets2Widgets--1142 Willagillespie, Suite 7

Autumn Line Up at F2W

Kahn Academy, Gamestar Mechanic, App Inventor, Code Academy, Kodu Gamelabs, Minecraft, Scratch, GoAnimate, Exer-gaming (with Wii, Kinect, PingPong, Stationary Bike and Balance Boards), BizKids Classes, Vision Boarding/Goal Setting! This is what we DO at Fidgets2Widgets. We are not passive users. We are doers, creators, visionaries. Come join us!

F2W Minecraft Sailing Vessels – Imgur

This week we are focusing on architecture and design in minecraft. Today our Widgetarians built ships in a large body of water that Brice provided on our server. Everyone collaborated. Some created more than one ship so that they could fire cannons between the two. Some struggled with the mathematics and schematics. Others noted that … Continue reading F2W Minecraft Sailing Vessels – Imgur