Dedicated Homework Time

A Widgetarian is deep into his geometry homework: drawing pattern blocks to represent an equation. He’s doing it in the Wii Room because it’s a little quieter than in the Creeper’s Den where those done with their homework are deep in their Minecraft LAN worlds. Little does he realize that what he’s doing with his pencil and paper is closely related to the great structures we’ve seen him build in Minecraft with digital pattern blocks.

Now that the school year is well into its first few weeks, more Widgetarians are bringing homework with them to Fidgets2Widgets. With our afterschool hours comes a new schedule, which includes a timeslot the summer programming does not: dedicated homework time.

Though there are a lot of schools experimenting with no-homework policies, especially for elementary ages, there are still plenty of Widgetarians that have homework assigned every day. For those that have homework, we’ve integrated about thirty to forty-five minutes of dedicated homework time into our afterschool programming.

Widgetarians are able to get their assignments done and still have plenty of time to play Minecraft with friends and engage with the week’s learning theme. This way, when you pick up your child, you can take them home knowing they’ve been productive and had fun while doing it—leaving the rest of the evening for family time.

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