Minecraft Peer Coaching

It is common to hear excited shouts, chattering, and even singing during a typical minecraft challenge. No one is bored and everyone is engaged. We learn about building, engineering, mining, crafting, math, physics and social responsibility. Each Widgetarian was asked this week to begin identifying their minecraft strengths and skill sets, so as to qualify … Continue reading Minecraft Peer Coaching

Bridges & Air Cannons

Today's bridges can be seen below.... Some designs are elaborate, others more simple. At one bridge, whoever stands on pressure plates is instantly teleported to the other side. We experimented with making a vortex air cannon out of a cardboard box, sending air blasts and smoke rings across three desks to knock down paper cups. … Continue reading Bridges & Air Cannons

Building Roller Coasters on Minecraft

We are learning about mechanics this week. The mechanics of bridges, roller coasters, air cannons, robo wheels and more. During our bridge building segment today, we watched as a bridge collapsed from resonance during a wind storm. We tried our hand at bridge building and then learned about building roller coasters. We experimented with hairpin turns … Continue reading Building Roller Coasters on Minecraft

F2W Birthday Parties

We want to celebrate your birthday with you!  Packages start at $75 for two hours. Minecraft Themes Technology Themes Gaming and more....... Package 1  $75/2 hours for up to 10 children ($10 per head above 10) Access to Computers, Gaming Consoles, TV's, Games, etc. Package 2 $125/2 hours for up to 10 children ($10 per head … Continue reading F2W Birthday Parties

Widgetarian Chemistry

Lava Lamp Instructions. Take one 16 oz water bottle. Pour out all but 1/4 of the water (4oz) and then add 10 oz vegetable oil to replace water. Add 10 drops food coloring. Watch where the food coloring goes and how the water and oil separate. Next, break up 2 alka seltzer tablets into 8 … Continue reading Widgetarian Chemistry