New F2W Server!

Our very own Max Fickas just finished building a new Fidgets2Widgets server with the help of our Widgetarians. This server, named Widgetaria, can be accessed by both F2W locations for all Widgetarians to explore. It's a beautiful world with many environments in which to play. Fidgets2Widgets is committed to providing a safe gaming environment for our … Continue reading New F2W Server!

A Mother’s Testimonial

My daughter had a very hard couple of years and became withdrawn and very sad. Having trouble adjusting to a big move , she felt like an outsider at school, her self esteem was fragile. Enter Fidgets2Widgets! Fast forward and I see the girl she's supposed to be! She is completely engaged and even seems … Continue reading A Mother’s Testimonial

Screens will make you lose your sight and get hairy knuckles

When I grew up it was considered bad to read too much. Being a book worm was a very bad thing and I was warned about the harm I would do reading and straining my eyes in the evening. Barbie dolls were too sexy and not appropriate for little girls. Conversely, playing cowboy and jail … Continue reading Screens will make you lose your sight and get hairy knuckles

Minecraft & STEM Summer Camps 2016

Oregon Minecraft Summer Camp Schedules for 2016 JUST OUT! Sign up before before March 1st and receive a FREE T-Shirt.   Register Now by ACTIVE Network