I don’t know…..

I'm often asked about how to get kids to talk. Parents, teachers and coaches often struggle with getting kids to open up. One of the most popular responses that kids often have when we initially ask them a question is, "I don't know." A common  impulse is to amp up our questioning, "helping" them come … Continue reading I don’t know…..

Where’s the blog for kids?

Got some feedback the other day from a 7th grader who was disappointed in our website because the blog was for parents, not kids! Good point. In fact, we are going to begin crafting a page for kids ASAP. He said he felt so good when his dad was talking about our site that he … Continue reading Where’s the blog for kids?

Abbreviations (lol)

Sometimes parents feel out of touch when they see their children communicating with acronyms or emoticons. Some of the most popular are: LOL (laughing out loud), TMI (too much information), BFF (best friend forever), TTYL (talk to you later), PIR (parents in room.) Our children communicate with each other in short little bursts through texting … Continue reading Abbreviations (lol)

To use Time Out or Not

Lots of parents ask us about the use of "time outs." We believe that the use of "time outs" is over done and often unrelated to the issues at hand. If a child is angry, asking them to sit quietly in a chair is unrealistic. Better to have them release their adrenaline through physical activity … Continue reading To use Time Out or Not

Technology & Kids

Tina is at the end of her rope. She left her Tablet on the coffee table while Troy sat reading for History class. Leaving the room for a moment, she returns to find him playing a computer game on her Tablet. "What happened to homework?" she asked pointedly. No response. "I hate technology," she exploded … Continue reading Technology & Kids