AAP’s Screen Time Guide Update

On Friday The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) released their newest report on screen time and media use in children and adolescents. If you’re at all familiar with previous recommendations, you’ll note that these take a dramatically different approach, one which feels like we at Fidgets2Widgets have known all along. Gone are the days of … Continue reading AAP’s Screen Time Guide Update

Dedicated Homework Time

A Widgetarian is deep into his geometry homework: drawing pattern blocks to represent an equation. He’s doing it in the Wii Room because it’s a little quieter than in the Creeper’s Den where those done with their homework are deep in their Minecraft LAN worlds. Little does he realize that what he’s doing with his … Continue reading Dedicated Homework Time

New F2W Server!

Our very own Max Fickas just finished building a new Fidgets2Widgets server with the help of our Widgetarians. This server, named Widgetaria, can be accessed by both F2W locations for all Widgetarians to explore. It's a beautiful world with many environments in which to play. Fidgets2Widgets is committed to providing a safe gaming environment for our … Continue reading New F2W Server!

Crafting and Building Week

Check out these amazing builds as created by the next generation of Architects and Interior Designers. Good job, everyone!   Medieval 1 Modern 1 Pocket Edition Modern 2 PokeMon Roleplay Modern 3

Creating Virtual Worlds at Fidgets2Widgets

This week Widgetarians are creating their very own virtual worlds in #CoSpaces VR. Once these worlds are created, anyone can view them on #ALLie VR Cardboard or #Google Cardboard. Below are a few examples. Of course we are also experiencing virtual worlds through Oculus Rift and 360 degree videos. Stay tuned for more.... reading Creating Virtual Worlds at Fidgets2Widgets