Independence and Self-Expression

Independence and self-expression are highly valued at Fidgets2Widgets. We started making Origami airplanes, but then some wanted to make origami people and others made hats and before it was all done there were glittery, magic marker creations, crumpled up pieces of paper strewn about....joyful mayhem. Knowing what you want, how to express it and learning … Continue reading Independence and Self-Expression

Fibonacci at Fidgets2Widgets

So today at F2W we learned about fibonacci principles and drew spirals. Later we took our fibonacci math skills to Minecraft and created fibonacci architecture. AWESOME!! Then, we learned about our conscience. Widgetarians have lots of good examples of what it means to have a conscience and act from your TRUE SELF place.

Kids’ Perspectives and Conscience Development

Our behaviors are influenced by what we feel physically, how we feel emotionally and what we are thinking. Yet, we all have another part of ourselves, call it conscience, call it our true selves, that influences the physical, the emotional, the mental. We will be learning about this in F2W today. Minecraft has the option … Continue reading Kids’ Perspectives and Conscience Development

I was here. Can you tell?

After the kids leave Minecraft Club, there is clean up to do! We find little trails of crackers, mandarin orange rinds, bits of fuzz, electronic devices spread about, bean bags and balls strewn hither and yon. There is definitive evidence that young homosapiens have inhabited our space. Whether padding across soft carpet or trudging through … Continue reading I was here. Can you tell?