Animation Creation Week

Animation Creation WeekToday was our final day of Animation Creation. Please check out our most recent videos. We are proud of the very creative story lines, special effects and predictable comic strip genre videos our Widgetarians published.

What kind of mother are you?

We are used to hearing mothers use animal metaphors to talk about themselves. "I'm a mother bear," she says. Someone else comments, "I'm a mother hen, what can I say?" Yet another mother calls herself a "tiger mom." Animal metaphors are fun, but they don't work so well in cross species mothering. Bears spend most … Continue reading What kind of mother are you?

F2W Bee Creations

How do bees communicate? They vibrate and dance, sharing complex mathematical and directional information. We all tried pantomiming the location of various hidden objects, using bee language. We learned about bee communities and then created hives, bee architecture, bee trails and more on Minecraft. Bee Creations

Hexagons and Bees in Minecraft

We have had a wonderful week at F2W. We are studying bees: bee society, bee communication, bee structures. We all created hexagons on Minecraft and learned that this shape is one of the strongest. No wonder honeycomb is made up of hexagons! Minecraft Hexagons and Geometry