Fidgets2Widgets was founded in 2012 by two moms who wanted to create a new kind of afterschool place—a holistic, hip, tech environment with a STEM focus—that prepares kids for thriving in the digital age. The center’s high-tech and high-touch approach fosters creativity, develops tech skills, teaches healthy life-long habits, and promotes physical activity alongside the many gadgets and games that now dominate our world.

Program Areasuntitled-drawing

  • Computer Literacy
  • MinecraftEdu
  • Design & 3-D Printing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Fitbit Exercise Program
  • Multimedia

Fidgets2Widgets operates year-round, offering programs after school during the school year, as well as summer intensives. Fidgets2Widgets is a MinecraftEdu site with a private server, custom maps, and structured and supervised screen time. We strive to fuel children’s innate curiosity with inspiring curriculum and cutting-edge technology. This unique environment transforms the learning experience and enhances both in-school and out-of-school time. Unlike many after-school programs, we are not a babysitting space, but instead a place where Widgetarians can receive quality technology education that gives them the tools to follow their limitless curiosity.

An ideal place for technology lovers of all kinds, Fidgets2Widgets is the place for seasoned players and those new to Minecraft. The popular computer game reinforces many valuable skills without children even realizing it—math, architecture, design, economy, engineering. If your child isn’t familiar with Minecraft, there are plenty of other high-tech avenues to explore. With regularly scheduled breaks and designated homework time, Fidgets2Widgets is the place to be both after school and during the summer months.

There are some carpooling options available during the school year. Call for more information.

Ask about sibling discounts and scholarships.