No Energy

It’s Sunday night and I am tired.  As I feel the tightness in my shoulders and the weariness in my bones I realize that I need to spend some time restoring the balance.  I’ve expended more energy than I have taken in.  Consequently, I feel tired and depleted.  If I were to continue to ignore … Continue reading No Energy

Proactive vs. Reactive Parenting

Anna can’t wait for her mom to meet Sherrie, only the coolest friend she’s ever had!  Having heard about her incessantly for days, Mom is rather surprised to discover that Sherrie seems to be quite materialistic.  Proud of her designer clothes, Sherrie brags about shopping with her mom at all the hippest stores.  Overhearing the … Continue reading Proactive vs. Reactive Parenting

My kids won’t act that way!

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to observe some children and their families at a local pizza parlor.  This particular establishment provides a very large play structure for kids to climb “on and through.”  Upon entering the front door of the restaurant, most children made a beeline for the playroom.  After a fair amount … Continue reading My kids won’t act that way!

A Family Adventure is Afoot

I’m so excited!  Tonight at midnight a brand new, wildly popular sequel to a previous video game comes out (Halo3).  My sons are waiting with baited breath.  My youngest, who will be thirteen in a few short days, thinks that he and I are going to pick up the game after school tomorrow.  Little does … Continue reading A Family Adventure is Afoot

Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?

Theresa is fourteen-years old and a cynic.  Her mom has been “working on herself” for as long as Theresa can remember and she is sick of hearing about it.  Every time they try to talk about what is going on at school or in her life with her friends, the conversation always seems to turn … Continue reading Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?

School Violence, A Bomb Threat at our Middle School

I heard the news a couple of days ago.  One of our local middle schools received a bomb threat for today, September 20th.  Although all of the school officials are certain it is just a hoax, nine chances out of ten just the misdirected energy of youth, they still must take every precaution.  Our society … Continue reading School Violence, A Bomb Threat at our Middle School

For Parents—How Will You Respond?

One day while playing outside Max hears his mother call him from inside the house.  Little rivers of sweat streaming down the sides of his red face, he bursts into the kitchen while his mother’s back is turned.  Mom slowly turns around in time to see Max exiting the kitchen, large puddles of water and … Continue reading For Parents—How Will You Respond?

The Child Who Wants it Now!

Most of us have experienced the embarrassment of standing in the checkout line at the store, a screaming toddler in tow.  Generally, the screams indicate our refusal to oblige our child with a candy purchase.  Intent on setting limits and maintaining control, we stand red-faced, praying that the shopper ahead will hurry. Children in the … Continue reading The Child Who Wants it Now!

Haunting Memories

All eyes were upon me.  I sat in our tiny living room with my mother, my aunt and my brother, opening my birthday card with a huge smile on my face.  I wasn’t sure if the card was all I was getting or if there would actually be a gift this year, but either way, … Continue reading Haunting Memories

Acting Your Age

Have you ever found yourself acting like something less than grown up in front of your children?  I have.  In fact, just this week, I slammed around the kitchen, fuming and muttering some not so nice words, as I tried for the umpteenth time to catch the gerbil (that is not mine) who mysteriously escaped … Continue reading Acting Your Age