Sept 6–9               Kids Biz Introduction (Business concepts, saving, spending, budgeting)
Sept 12–16          Study Habits/Organization (Keyboarding, documents, spreadsheets,
Google searches and using technology to improve focus & grades)
Sept 19–23
          Coding (Javascript, Python, and Blockly)
Sept 26–30           Video Game Making (Putting game theory to practice)
Oct 3–7                 Hobbies and Collectibles Online and Off (Pokemon, Yugio, coins, stamps, etc)
Oct 10–14             Information Literacy (How to do research)
Oct 17–21             Data Science
 (Data analysis using data sets, TuvaLabs)
Oct 24–28             Sandbox Games
(Design, play, purpose)
Oct 31–Nov 4        Emergency Preparedness (Natural disasters)
Nov. 7–11              YouTube and Stop Motion Videos (Make your own videos)
Nov. 14–18           3-D Printing, Patterns and Sewing
Nov 21–25            Mechanics and Design 
(Small engines, appliances)
Nov 28–Dec 2       Myths and Culture (Ancient and modern)
Dec 5–9                 Genealogy (Who are you? Family tree & ancestors)
Dec 12–16             Scratch and Game Star Mechanic  
Dec 19–23             Minecraft Command Blocks and Redstone
Dec 27–30             Learn to Code with Javascript and Python (Make mods!)
Jan 3–6                  Digital Citizenship
(Internet safety, etiquette & savvy)


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