A Prince’s Kiss

Precious and precocious, four-year-old Tracy is in the Water Stage of Development. The Energy of this stage is about Creating and Connecting. Breathlessly, Tracy turns to her playmate Jack and directs him. "As the Prince, you must reach down and kiss me so I wake up from my long sleep." How's that for Creating and … Continue reading A Prince’s Kiss

Weekend Sleepovers

I’m not a big fan of sleepovers, yet in our household it seems to be a weekly event.  By the middle school years, a child’s social network has become their “second family.”  My son’s friends have become such a part of our family that I hardly notice their presence at the supper table any longer. … Continue reading Weekend Sleepovers

Bedtime Battles

I know that the word “bedtime” strikes fear to many an adult heart.  Bedtime needs for children in the various energetic stages of development are quite different.  For example, an infant in the earth stage needs physical and emotional closeness.  This is the stage of tangibles—needs felt and needs met.  After nine months in the … Continue reading Bedtime Battles

New Baby, New Mom

Sharon shoves the jeans back on the store shelving and rocks the stroller back and forth absentmindedly as she saunters toward the clearance rack.  Muffled cries turn to frantic sobs as the red-faced infant in the stroller waves her arms and kicks.  Uncomfortable, the baby lies in soiled diapers that are cold and chafing.  After … Continue reading New Baby, New Mom