Books Now Available

Fidgets2Widgets Publishing has now published its second book, Parenting High Energy Kids, first edition from 2004. Parenting high energy kids in a high tech world is this generation's greatest challenge. Within these pages is what everyone who touches a child's life needs to know. Our 21st Century children are already changing the world as we know it. But, … Continue reading Books Now Available

Passionate about Children

At F2W we are passionate about childhood. We are not just another Supplemental Educational after school program. We want to transform the way parents and children experience childhood. Children today are hardwired differently than kids just 30 years ago, as evidenced by our high rates of ADHD and Anti-depressant drugs prescribed to children. Our vision … Continue reading Passionate about Children

Kids and Swimming

The one activity my children love during the summer is swimming.  Time seems to stand still for them at the local pool.  No matter how long we have been there, they beg to stay longer.  Their skin can be pink, their fingers wrinkled, and still they try to negotiate a few more precious minutes.  The … Continue reading Kids and Swimming

Airheads or Hotheads?

Ever stop to think about how many times you use elemental language in your day to day interactions?  We talk about someone being an "airhead", a "hothead," "fiery," "raging with anger," "too airy," "well grounded," "down to earth," "flooded with emotion," experiencing "waves of grief," "tears overflowing," or having their "head in the clouds."  From … Continue reading Airheads or Hotheads?

Energetic Styles at Home

Mary is a successful business woman whose life is hectic and intense.  She balances her time between a demanding career as an attorney, two children, a spouse and community commitments.  She wakes up to the smell of coffee every day and pours herself a big mug before she even enters the shower.  Mary has a … Continue reading Energetic Styles at Home


A question was submitted yesterday regarding respectful behavior.  "How can I encourage my child to feel and express their feelings, when this results in a disrespectful attitude?"  First, you must take into consideration the age of the child in question.  During the ages of 1-15 months, a child is in the earth stage of development … Continue reading Respect

A Life of Balance

One of the greatest gifts that we can give our children is to teach them to pay attention to how they feel physically, emotionally and energetically.  Asking your child questions can help clarify where there might be a lack of balance: Do I feel sick, hungry, sleepy?  Am I sad, angry, afraid, overwhelmed, happy? Is … Continue reading A Life of Balance


Not that many years ago it was common to hear people talk about their child's disposition.  They were generally referring to their child's core personality traits.  Today we are more likely to refer to our child's nature or temperament.  It doesn't really matter what words we use, we are talking about that invisible part of … Continue reading Disposition

The Past vs. the Present

One of  my favorite sayings is, "It's no big deal."  I am quick to reassure the people in my family that everything is okay.  My intentions are good.   I am not trying to minimize or dismiss things, I am just trying to be of comfort and "move on."  One of the reasons that I do … Continue reading The Past vs. the Present