Life can be messy.  Even armed with the best of intentions and the latest thoughts on  parenting or teaching, we all make mistakes.  In  my life, "do overs" are expected.  Better to admit that you blew it, ask for forgiveness and then try it again, then to ignore or defend an obvious blunder.  It's not … Continue reading “Do-Overs”


The people around us provide us with clues about who they are on a daily basis.  Take computer screensavers, for example.  We are a family with several computers.  My twelve year old son, who is very airy by nature, changes the screensaver/wallpaper on his computer 4 or 5 times a week.  I am never sure … Continue reading Screensavers

A Typical Day in the Classroom

Mark sits at his desk punching holes in a sheet of lined paper with his pencil.  He flicks the little resultant scraps of paper onto the floor creating a blizzard around his desk.  Jesse jumps up from his desk every 7 minutes to get a drink, sharpen his pencil, whisper to someone or stand at … Continue reading A Typical Day in the Classroom

Story of the Day

This morning I attended a 6th grade boy’s basketball game.  During half-time, I noticed that each boy behaved in ways consistent with his energetic type.  Some boys practiced making baskets by themselves.  A couple moved to the stands to connect with their parents.  Several played together scrimmaging.  A few boys dribbled the basketball from one … Continue reading Story of the Day


I  recently met a boy who I'll call Jason.  Jason  was a very sweet soul.  His eyes captured me from the moment we met.  They were a deep liquid brown and actually looked as if they were about to overflow at any moment. The entire time that we were together, Jason was the epitome of … Continue reading Burdens


I spoke in an earlier blog about energetic parenting styles.  Even though each of us has a primary energy type through which we filter our life experience, as parents, we aspire to strike a healthy balance.  Observation is key.  If your nine year old is whiny and out of sorts, a careful examination will help … Continue reading Balance

Air Stage

David walked home from school with a smile on his face.  It had been a good day.  He and his friends shared CDs between classes, and he was going home with new music.  The girl he was sorta going out with had written love messages all over his left hand and arm.  He thought it … Continue reading Air Stage

Electricity and You

Our bodies channel electricity constantly.  Every thought, every breath, every heartbeat originates as an electrical impulse traveling down a nerve or synapse that animates and gives us life.  We don't think about it or manage it, it just happens.  We are energetic beings with energetic fields.  We use machines and tools on a daily basis … Continue reading Electricity and You


I love it late at night and early in the morning when it is quiet and peaceful.  I never fill these quiet hours with obligations or should-dos.  Instead, I give myself permission to do anything I want, including doing nothing at all.  Sleep is more peaceful, my day more serene when I take this time.  … Continue reading Quiet

Two Year Olds and the Water Stage of Development

Amanda loved going to the store with her mom.  At 2 1/2 years of age, she found the colors, the lights, the smells and the people all very stimulating and exciting.  When mom announced Friday morning that they would be going to buy groceries today, Amanda squealed with delight, rushing around the house to find … Continue reading Two Year Olds and the Water Stage of Development