Being Different–No Halloween for You!

Jordan fidgets in his desk.  He looks at the clock for about the hundredth time.  He can’t wait for this day to be over.  All of his friends are sporting ghoulish costumes while he sits at his desk in plain old jeans and a shirt.  Halloween is stupid!  A few months later, in the very … Continue reading Being Different–No Halloween for You!

Measuring Up

William let out his breath in short little puffs as he drew me a picture during one of our sessions.  When he was done, I complimented him.  I let him know that the story, his use of color and his creativity impressed me.  Later, when we joined his parents, I shared the picture with them.  … Continue reading Measuring Up

Family Styles

The energy of the elements permeates life as we know it.  This energy colors the way we experience the world.  Just as the childhood stages and our personality styles each emulate an elemental characteristic, I believe our family systems do as well.  For example, “earth” style families are very structured.  This family system has a … Continue reading Family Styles

Energy Crisis at Home

Jeremy is tired.  He stayed up too late last night, but he just couldn’t quit playing that video game.  His folks would have a fit if they knew he went to bed at 3:00.  Oh well.  He’d stop and get something to wake up on his way to school.  Stopping by the corner convenience store, … Continue reading Energy Crisis at Home


As I sat at a stop light the other day, I watched  a mother and her “10ish” aged little girl step into the crosswalk.  The little girl was very thin, eyebrow-less and wearing a bright pink turban.  I felt sad, for it immediately became obvious to me that this was a child getting chemotherapy.  A … Continue reading Perspective

Weekend Sleepovers

I’m not a big fan of sleepovers, yet in our household it seems to be a weekly event.  By the middle school years, a child’s social network has become their “second family.”  My son’s friends have become such a part of our family that I hardly notice their presence at the supper table any longer. … Continue reading Weekend Sleepovers

Teenage Angst

Colby looked in the mirror one last time before proceeding downstairs.  She frowned, hating the way her hair looked this morning.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get it to lay right.  Turning slightly to the left to look at her profile, she gasped.  She had a huge crater on the side of … Continue reading Teenage Angst

Trouble at School–When the teacher calls for a conference….

Now that school is well underway, there are parents who are discovering that their children have learning or attention issues that they never knew existed.  Teachers are gently delivering news that is difficult for any parent to hear.  That adorable baby who showed every sign of genius level intelligence has grown into a child who … Continue reading Trouble at School–When the teacher calls for a conference….

Parenting on the Run

Children need to spend large chunks of time with their parents.  I don't believe that quality outweighs quantity.  Children need both.  There are many ways to increase the amount of time spent together as a family, without destroying the daily schedule.  You can visit with your children while sauntering down the  aisle of the grocery … Continue reading Parenting on the Run

Bedtime Battles

I know that the word “bedtime” strikes fear to many an adult heart.  Bedtime needs for children in the various energetic stages of development are quite different.  For example, an infant in the earth stage needs physical and emotional closeness.  This is the stage of tangibles—needs felt and needs met.  After nine months in the … Continue reading Bedtime Battles