Digital Citizenship Week

National Digital Citizenship Week Oct 21-25. What are the digital rules you would like your child to know? What values, behaviors and standards would you like to see your child adopt? We are covering it at Fidgets2Widgets. Teaching about respect, competition, cyber bullying, safety, and digital property rights this week.

Tropicraft for Earth Sciences Week

Tropicraft in Minecraft for Earth Sciences Week. We are exploring tropical biomes, animal habitats and today we discovered a new volcano. We are using PBS Learning Media, and Game Star Mechanic where Widgetarians have created and shared volcano themed games. Our new volcano is set to erupt tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. Come witness the epic … Continue reading Tropicraft for Earth Sciences Week

Every Kid Should Know How To Program!

We've been using Scratch, an MIT visual programming tool, all week. We've learned to think in terms of visual story and have programed our sprites/characters, to move, make sound and interact. Every kid should begin to understand programming and what it can do!