Kids and Pets

April 26 was National Kids and Pets Day, so we have decided to make that our theme this week. The relationship between kids and pets is very special. We will explore the history of domestic pets and share our personal stories, real and virtual. So feel free to bring pictures, stories or other memorabilia.

Virtual Pain

Powerful lessons were shared in minecraft this week at F2W. One centered around empathy and compassion. A tamed pet was killed in the game. Yes, it was a virtual-world pet. It was not a "real" death, yet tears were shed, feelings were hurt and forgiveness had to be earned. We strive to honor all feelings … Continue reading Virtual Pain


As I sit at my computer trying to write, my powers of concentration are assaulted by constant frenetic sounds coming from our gerbil cages.  I grew up with the belief that every child needs a pet.  Living in the country, I was fortunate to have helped take care of lambs, rabbits, many cats, several dogs, … Continue reading Pets