Coding and Programming Week


Redstone TIPS

Redstone is a power source. Torches provide light.  If connected to Redstone, torches becomes Redstone Torches that can power a distance of 15 blocks (1 tick) without repeaters. Building Repeaters: Put three solid blocks in a "V" formation. Put a redstone torch on one side of the bottom block. Put redstone dust under the other side of the … Continue reading Redstone TIPS

Buzz Words and the 21st Century Heavy advertising, memes, buzz words and social media have conditioned us. We quickly become immune to the most common phrases. Disrupting healthcare or education or the political system no longer concerns us. STEM focused activities leaves us yawning. Immersive Education, Gamification, Technology or Screen Time barely registers when we see it. But ALL these phrases DO mean something. … Continue reading Buzz Words and the 21st Century

Computer and Technology Give Away

Every year we reward those kids who come to Fidgets2Widgets everyday by presenting them with a brand new laptop or technology of their choice. The keyboarding, coding and 21st century technology skills these kids learn in our program is extraordinary. This year we gave away brand new laptops, Canon wireless/hdmi cameras, top of the line ear buds and gaming mice. Here … Continue reading Computer and Technology Give Away

Game Based Learning

We learn through play and practice. We learn by doing. Check out what we created today on #Contraption Maker and #Sploder. G ame

Never Good Enough

There is a lot out there about kid's poor self-esteem. Not so much about parent's waning sense of self. Why not? Because it's taboo. Parents fly in the door, urgently pleading with their child to hurry up before anyone has even said, "hi." Why? Because they are late!! Because everyone is scheduled and double booked and … Continue reading Never Good Enough

Kids who don’t fit in

A few years ago, kids in the minority who didn't fit in were called nerds or geeks. Today kids who are smart, twice exceptional, on an I.E.P. or struggling with ADD are the norm. They fit in with their peers. The only ones who seem to struggle with these labels are the grown ups. Parents, … Continue reading Kids who don’t fit in