Never Good Enough

There is a lot out there about kid's poor self-esteem. Not so much about parent's waning sense of self. Why not? Because it's taboo. Parents fly in the door, urgently pleading with their child to hurry up before anyone has even said, "hi." Why? Because they are late!! Because everyone is scheduled and double booked and … Continue reading Never Good Enough

A Mother’s Testimonial

My daughter had a very hard couple of years and became withdrawn and very sad. Having trouble adjusting to a big move , she felt like an outsider at school, her self esteem was fragile. Enter Fidgets2Widgets! Fast forward and I see the girl she's supposed to be! She is completely engaged and even seems … Continue reading A Mother’s Testimonial

Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

It's much more common than you think. You are not alone. Parents everywhere are struggling to keep up with their children in math, science and the digital arts. This may be the first generation where parents don't know better or more. How could we possibly know more when everything is moving so quickly? Learning is now an … Continue reading Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Even though most of us never took a parenting class in High School or were officially taught how to parent, we know that a parent's responsibility is to KNOW and to TEACH. Right?? We remember well those nights spent doing homework with our parent's helping us or learning about the world at large from those giants … Continue reading Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Fearless Parenting

Fearless parenting requires two things. First, you must trust yourself. Second, you must trust your child. You can do both. From the time you held that beautiful infant in your arms until today, your child has been guiding you. Simple at first, it just started with, "I'm hungry, I hurt, I need you." Over time … Continue reading Fearless Parenting

Screens will make you lose your sight and get hairy knuckles

When I grew up it was considered bad to read too much. Being a book worm was a very bad thing and I was warned about the harm I would do reading and straining my eyes in the evening. Barbie dolls were too sexy and not appropriate for little girls. Conversely, playing cowboy and jail … Continue reading Screens will make you lose your sight and get hairy knuckles

Childhood Play

In just about every species, childhood is organized around play, role playing and socialization. We humans are no different. The definition of "play" includes the word "enjoyment." Role playing is focused around imagination or, "let's pretend." Socialization is about learning to cooperate, empathize and "relate." If the work of childhood is accomplished, our children will … Continue reading Childhood Play

Character Development at F2W

Character development is an important part of our work with kids at F2W. Here are some of our goals: Help kids to learn to follow directions without debate Delay gratification and learn to control impulses Learn to identify the little stuff vs. the BIG stuff Deal with frustration in socially acceptable ways Kids learn best … Continue reading Character Development at F2W


Most parents will bump up against a, "you can't make me!" threat from a child at some point in their parenting career. This is actually a factual statement. We may strongly influence each other, motivate each other, inspire each other, but we can't make someone do something they don't want to do. Defiance is a … Continue reading Defiance

Low Energy Signals

As I drive my car throughout the week, I glance from time to time at the fuel gauge. I want to keep an eye on the "fuel bars" and get more gas before I run low. Shortly after I got my car I almost ran out of gas. The fuel light came on. I made … Continue reading Low Energy Signals