Never Good Enough

There is a lot out there about kid's poor self-esteem. Not so much about parent's waning sense of self. Why not? Because it's taboo. Parents fly in the door, urgently pleading with their child to hurry up before anyone has even said, "hi." Why? Because they are late!! Because everyone is scheduled and double booked and … Continue reading Never Good Enough

Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Even though most of us never took a parenting class in High School or were officially taught how to parent, we know that a parent's responsibility is to KNOW and to TEACH. Right?? We remember well those nights spent doing homework with our parent's helping us or learning about the world at large from those giants … Continue reading Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Books Now Available

Fidgets2Widgets Publishing has now published its second book, Parenting High Energy Kids, first edition from 2004. Parenting high energy kids in a high tech world is this generation's greatest challenge. Within these pages is what everyone who touches a child's life needs to know. Our 21st Century children are already changing the world as we know it. But, … Continue reading Books Now Available

Balance at F2W

Our theme at F2W this week has been about the holistic concept of "balance." In that vein, we have been consciously mixing it up and discussing how these changes are part of a balanced lifestyle. Screen time has led to board game challenges. Sitting has given way to wild rounds of ping pong cups and … Continue reading Balance at F2W

What kind of mother are you?

We are used to hearing mothers use animal metaphors to talk about themselves. "I'm a mother bear," she says. Someone else comments, "I'm a mother hen, what can I say?" Yet another mother calls herself a "tiger mom." Animal metaphors are fun, but they don't work so well in cross species mothering. Bears spend most … Continue reading What kind of mother are you?


I often hear from parents who ask about how to set boundaries. Afraid of repeating some of the mistakes from their childhoods, they want to use reason as they discipline and guide their children. Unfortunately, much of the time I witness parents talking about, negotiating or maneuvering around the boundaries. My best advice...."Don't talk about … Continue reading Boundaries

Family Styles

The energy of the elements permeates life as we know it.  This energy colors the way we experience the world.  Just as the childhood stages and our personality styles each emulate an elemental characteristic, I believe our family systems do as well.  For example, “earth” style families are very structured.  This family system has a … Continue reading Family Styles

Weekend Sleepovers

I’m not a big fan of sleepovers, yet in our household it seems to be a weekly event.  By the middle school years, a child’s social network has become their “second family.”  My son’s friends have become such a part of our family that I hardly notice their presence at the supper table any longer. … Continue reading Weekend Sleepovers

Parenting on the Run

Children need to spend large chunks of time with their parents.  I don't believe that quality outweighs quantity.  Children need both.  There are many ways to increase the amount of time spent together as a family, without destroying the daily schedule.  You can visit with your children while sauntering down the  aisle of the grocery … Continue reading Parenting on the Run