Minecraft Machinima

Widgetarians LOVE to share Minecraft Machinima Videos... mostly parodies of popular songs. Here is one of their favorites. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MINECRAFT CHALLENGE, WEDNESDAY MAY 1 AFTER SCHOOL. COME JOIN US ON MAY DAY FOR A SPECIAL MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE!!  

Stable F2W Economy

In this day and age of financial uncertainty, our Widgetarians have created a stable financial system that includes multiple (coal, paper, diamond) currencies. We have created an exchange rate with coal @ 1 cent, paper @ 2 cents and diamonds @ 3 cents. You can use your currency in the virtual world of Minecraft or … Continue reading Stable F2W Economy

Banking and Journalism Modules

So, we told our stories last week. There were tales of Emergency Room visits, of horses, of scary heights, of April Fool's jokes run amuck. The kids interviewed and videotaped each other. We're just beginning to explore the idea of investigative reporting and journalism. As we increase our knowledge and experience, we will eventually create … Continue reading Banking and Journalism Modules

Summer Enrichment Program & Saturday Minecraft Club

Not only do we have an enrichment program from 2:00-7:00 daily, but we now have a Minecraft Club each and every Saturday from 12:00-5:00. In addition, we are offering a summer enrichment program that will include finance and entrepreneurial modules, videography, animation, basic coding, droid app inventor, keyboarding, bike maintenance, basic mechanics, gardening and much, … Continue reading Summer Enrichment Program & Saturday Minecraft Club