Low Energy Signals

As I drive my car throughout the week, I glance from time to time at the fuel gauge. I want to keep an eye on the "fuel bars" and get more gas before I run low. Shortly after I got my car I almost ran out of gas. The fuel light came on. I made … Continue reading Low Energy Signals

Lies, Distortions or Wishful Thinking

Once when I was a young mother, I had a school teacher friend tell me that all kids lie. This statement was in response to my "new mother" philosophies around nurturing, truth telling and attachment parenting. I was an idealist and her statement only deepened my commitment to raising children who were truth tellers. Since … Continue reading Lies, Distortions or Wishful Thinking

Creating Safety

It can be difficult to know how to handle your child's fear. Do you talk it through, using logic and reason? Do you reassure and comfort, or give them space to figure it out for themselves? Children need to "feel" safe. They need to know that the earth beneath their feet is solid, that the … Continue reading Creating Safety

I forgot about my homework!

A dreaded phrase in our house is, "Oh Mom, I forgot that I have a paper due tomorrow. Can you help me?" This phrase is usually delivered with the appropriate amount of panic in the voice, 10 minutes before bedtime. For years and years and years (having three sons) I would reluctantly agree and join … Continue reading I forgot about my homework!

When I was your age……

Perspective is a funny thing. It changes, depending on the direction from which you are making the observation. I often hear parents compare their children's lives to their own. This is never a very good idea. If your life as a kid was difficult, then your child's life can be seen as "cush, a walk … Continue reading When I was your age……

Inattention–Give them more

David couldn't sit still in the waiting room. He crawled under the wicker couch, poured water from the machine into a cup that over-flowed and then proceeded to pull leaves off of the decorative plant. Mom was at her wits end. The constant cueing and intervention was taking its toll. When we moved to the … Continue reading Inattention–Give them more


My granddaughter was supposed to come over on Saturday. I was looking forward to it....excited even. As the time approached for her arrival, the phone rang instead. Apparently she was having a rough five-year-old day. To quote my son, "She's on her third melt down, so we're staying home." I was disappointed, but I understood. … Continue reading Listening


I often hear from parents who ask about how to set boundaries. Afraid of repeating some of the mistakes from their childhoods, they want to use reason as they discipline and guide their children. Unfortunately, much of the time I witness parents talking about, negotiating or maneuvering around the boundaries. My best advice...."Don't talk about … Continue reading Boundaries

Hummingbird Kids & More

I recently talked with a teacher who informed me that his sixth grade classes no longer related to human beings as mammals. When he brought this topic up in science class, the kids argued that we weren't mammals...only animals are mammals. Our sophisticated lives have taken us a long ways from our "animal" roots. Yet, … Continue reading Hummingbird Kids & More

School Fears

At about this time each school year, some children begin to experience school fears. The newness of school has faded and real issues rise to the surface. If the fear that arises is around survival (i.e. food/cafeteria issues, bullying) this is a 1st chakra (earth) issue and will need your intervention. Ryan was turned down … Continue reading School Fears