Role Playing Games

We just completed our Role Playing Game (RPG) Week and it was an epic success. Here's a call out to a few of the AMAZING RPG that we were privileged to play this week. First, #Minecraft: Story Mode, a refreshing new way to interact with the Minecraft themes everyone loves, this RPG felt new and challenged … Continue reading Role Playing Games

Fearless Parenting

Fearless parenting requires two things. First, you must trust yourself. Second, you must trust your child. You can do both. From the time you held that beautiful infant in your arms until today, your child has been guiding you. Simple at first, it just started with, "I'm hungry, I hurt, I need you." Over time … Continue reading Fearless Parenting

Three Gifts Technology Gives Your Kids

Gift #1, Children cultivate responsibility playing online. Being good digital citizens is a requirement for most online educational and child focused games. Gift #2, Imaginations thrive as children create and connect in their digital "make believe" worlds. Children learn through game based play. Gift #3, Children develop computer skills as they play. Shortcut function keys, typing and the basics of … Continue reading Three Gifts Technology Gives Your Kids

Childhood Play

In just about every species, childhood is organized around play, role playing and socialization. We humans are no different. The definition of "play" includes the word "enjoyment." Role playing is focused around imagination or, "let's pretend." Socialization is about learning to cooperate, empathize and "relate." If the work of childhood is accomplished, our children will … Continue reading Childhood Play

Role Playing Games

I read an article in my local paper this weekend about computerized role playing games,  games designed for pre-schoolers, tweens and teens.  An exponential growth in membership has been reported over the past two years.  Kids socialize, play educational games and games of strategy, earn and manage their own virtual money and maneuver various geographical … Continue reading Role Playing Games


We're going camping in the next few days and I can't wait.  There is something to be said for hiking in the redwoods, eating gritty food from the campfire, waking up with an aching back, getting mosquito bites and just hanging out.  My son will go through technology withdrawal the first couple of days and … Continue reading Camping

Summertime Doldrums

I have very fond memories of summer time as a child.  My days were filled with wandering around outside aimlessly, playing with friends, going swimming, family picnics, boredom, attempting cockamamie projects with my brother and drinking lemonade that was too sour.  I don't remember my parents or relatives stressing out at the idea of children … Continue reading Summertime Doldrums