Kids who don’t fit in

A few years ago, kids in the minority who didn't fit in were called nerds or geeks. Today kids who are smart, twice exceptional, on an I.E.P. or struggling with ADD are the norm. They fit in with their peers. The only ones who seem to struggle with these labels are the grown ups. Parents, … Continue reading Kids who don’t fit in

Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Even though most of us never took a parenting class in High School or were officially taught how to parent, we know that a parent's responsibility is to KNOW and to TEACH. Right?? We remember well those nights spent doing homework with our parent's helping us or learning about the world at large from those giants … Continue reading Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Parenting the Twice-Exceptional

We have two Minecraft Servers at Fidgets2Widgets. One is named Greenfield, a project that lacks constraints, where creativity is KING! The second is called, Widgetaria, a magical place where our Widgetarians can dream and live in a Utopian society. Many of the citizens of these lands are twice-exceptional kids--kids who are gifted in one area and experience learning … Continue reading Parenting the Twice-Exceptional

Fearless Parenting

Fearless parenting requires two things. First, you must trust yourself. Second, you must trust your child. You can do both. From the time you held that beautiful infant in your arms until today, your child has been guiding you. Simple at first, it just started with, "I'm hungry, I hurt, I need you." Over time … Continue reading Fearless Parenting

Books Now Available

Fidgets2Widgets Publishing has now published its second book, Parenting High Energy Kids, first edition from 2004. Parenting high energy kids in a high tech world is this generation's greatest challenge. Within these pages is what everyone who touches a child's life needs to know. Our 21st Century children are already changing the world as we know it. But, … Continue reading Books Now Available

ADHD and Screen Time

We have many ADHD kids at F2W and have worked with many over the years. An ADD mind needs enough stimulation and direction to harness its awesome power. Trying to quiet it or shut it down never works well and increases anxiety. Sometimes, having music going in the background while reading or doing two things … Continue reading ADHD and Screen Time

Inattention–Give them more

David couldn't sit still in the waiting room. He crawled under the wicker couch, poured water from the machine into a cup that over-flowed and then proceeded to pull leaves off of the decorative plant. Mom was at her wits end. The constant cueing and intervention was taking its toll. When we moved to the … Continue reading Inattention–Give them more