Time Distortion

Last night, I was sitting on the couch "catching up" with my computer while my son sat right next to me playing his basketball video game. Next thing I knew, it was bedtime for both of us! I think we were in an altered state of consciousness, combining focus and fun. In that state of … Continue reading Time Distortion

Energy for a Lifetime

A friend recently asked me why the Energetic Model of development doesn't span the entire lifetime. My reply was that if a healthy, balanced Foundation is created in Childhood, then you will be able to enjoy an Adulthood of health, joy and balance. That is why I am so passionately committed to getting it "right" … Continue reading Energy for a Lifetime

A Prince’s Kiss

Precious and precocious, four-year-old Tracy is in the Water Stage of Development. The Energy of this stage is about Creating and Connecting. Breathlessly, Tracy turns to her playmate Jack and directs him. "As the Prince, you must reach down and kiss me so I wake up from my long sleep." How's that for Creating and … Continue reading A Prince’s Kiss

When Children Lie

“Courtney is just plain sneaky,” her mother explains to me.  “She looks like an angel, but don’t let that fool you!”  As I listen to mom’s long litany of Courtney's most recent transgressions, I have a hard time imagining that this tiny little girl of five, could possibly be capable of such shenanigans.  As her … Continue reading When Children Lie

Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…

I love watching children out on the playground this time of year.  I always find it fascinating to try to determine their various energetic types by watching them at play.  Of course most primary aged children are in the “fire stage” of development, so they play collaboratively and competitively.  Their actions always have fiery overtones, … Continue reading Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…

Energetic Types and Illness

Carla didn’t feel well.  Her throat was scratchy, her back ached and she felt cold.  She curled up in her blankets, trying to get warm.  When mom came in to get her up for school she knew right away that Carla was sick.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, mom began rubbing her back.  … Continue reading Energetic Types and Illness

Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire

Sonja is a conscientious mother.  She spent a lot of time prior to having children educating herself about the responsibilities of parenting.  She entered motherhood with a very high level of commitment to her spouse, her children and the world at large.  Her youngest child, Stephen, is nine-years old and in the "fire" stage of … Continue reading Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire