National AfterSchool Association Interview

Our very own, Pam Simon, Co-owner of Fidgets2Widgets, was interviewed by the National AfterSchool Association. Read on:

Kids and Pets

April 26 was National Kids and Pets Day, so we have decided to make that our theme this week. The relationship between kids and pets is very special. We will explore the history of domestic pets and share our personal stories, real and virtual. So feel free to bring pictures, stories or other memorabilia.

Childhood Play

In just about every species, childhood is organized around play, role playing and socialization. We humans are no different. The definition of "play" includes the word "enjoyment." Role playing is focused around imagination or, "let's pretend." Socialization is about learning to cooperate, empathize and "relate." If the work of childhood is accomplished, our children will … Continue reading Childhood Play

Happy Birthday, Fidgets2Widgets!

Today is Fidgets2Widgets' birthday. One year ago today, we had our Open House. Join us for lots of fun this birthday week! Monday                         Cupcake Celebration Tuesday                         F2W Giveaways Wednesday     … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Fidgets2Widgets!

Character Development at F2W

Character development is an important part of our work with kids at F2W. Here are some of our goals: Help kids to learn to follow directions without debate Delay gratification and learn to control impulses Learn to identify the little stuff vs. the BIG stuff Deal with frustration in socially acceptable ways Kids learn best … Continue reading Character Development at F2W