Widgetarians got “Swag”

Today we sewed on buttons (hard to predict which kids would get into it and which kids wouldn't) and that was fun. We did some animation programming. We learned about writing checks, investigated the pluses and minuses of applying for credit and took turns being the applicant or banker. We talked about being popular, and … Continue reading Widgetarians got “Swag”

The High School and College Years

We've talked about younger children going back to school, but we haven't really addressed the older kids returning to high school or college.  The ether stage of development is often frightening to parents who fear the consequences of youthful rebellion.  Stories of substance abuse and violence on campus worry us.  Teen movies depicting sexual conquests … Continue reading The High School and College Years

Listening or Not Listening

I have often heard parents chiding their children about "not listening."  This seems to be one of those universal issues that we all experience.  Children easily become absorbed in their world of play or exploration, and with this focus, seem to lose the ability to hear us.  Teachers have to remind children to put down … Continue reading Listening or Not Listening