Fearless Parenting

Fearless parenting requires two things. First, you must trust yourself. Second, you must trust your child. You can do both. From the time you held that beautiful infant in your arms until today, your child has been guiding you. Simple at first, it just started with, "I'm hungry, I hurt, I need you." Over time … Continue reading Fearless Parenting

Character Development at F2W

Character development is an important part of our work with kids at F2W. Here are some of our goals: Help kids to learn to follow directions without debate Delay gratification and learn to control impulses Learn to identify the little stuff vs. the BIG stuff Deal with frustration in socially acceptable ways Kids learn best … Continue reading Character Development at F2W

Virtual Pain

Powerful lessons were shared in minecraft this week at F2W. One centered around empathy and compassion. A tamed pet was killed in the game. Yes, it was a virtual-world pet. It was not a "real" death, yet tears were shed, feelings were hurt and forgiveness had to be earned. We strive to honor all feelings … Continue reading Virtual Pain

Childhood Friendship

Our lifeline in the womb is the umbilical cord. This cord is our first experience of "being in relationship." Through this cord we receive our very sustenance. We learn from our inception that connection means survival. Children are programmed to be social, to make intimate connections through friendship. They create energetic cords of connection with … Continue reading Childhood Friendship

Creating Safety

It can be difficult to know how to handle your child's fear. Do you talk it through, using logic and reason? Do you reassure and comfort, or give them space to figure it out for themselves? Children need to "feel" safe. They need to know that the earth beneath their feet is solid, that the … Continue reading Creating Safety


As I walked by a local sweet shop today, I observed a young mother with two grammar school boys. They stood on the steps of the store while the mother talked about her expectations. One boy quietly listened to every word, hands fidgeting, shifting his weight from foot to foot, nodding attentively. The other boy … Continue reading Excitement!

Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

I watched as Jesse fidgeted at the art table.  I offered him some tools with which to draw and he chose the colored chalk.  A few moments later, I stepped across the room to grab a game and in that 30 second period, Jesse managed to tear some big holes in the paper and draw … Continue reading Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

Teenage Angst

Colby looked in the mirror one last time before proceeding downstairs.  She frowned, hating the way her hair looked this morning.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get it to lay right.  Turning slightly to the left to look at her profile, she gasped.  She had a huge crater on the side of … Continue reading Teenage Angst

When Kids Get Sick

Children in just about every classroom across the United States have begun to come home with sore throats, runny noses or upset stomachs.  We as parents aren’t surprised.  We’re programmed to expect these mini viral epidemics once school starts.  We make sure the school attendance line number is handy.  We check with our backup care … Continue reading When Kids Get Sick

Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?

Theresa is fourteen-years old and a cynic.  Her mom has been “working on herself” for as long as Theresa can remember and she is sick of hearing about it.  Every time they try to talk about what is going on at school or in her life with her friends, the conversation always seems to turn … Continue reading Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?