Game Theory at Fidgets2Widgets

Have you ever played Tic-Tac-Toe, Monopoly, Chess, Rock/Scissors/Paper? What's the game theory behind the game you are playing? We all use game theory EVERYDAY! Zero-sum Games are win or lose, Non-zero Sum Games are games where you can earn property and not necessarily lose. Sequential Theory, Complexity vs. Depth in game development, Monty Hall theory and … Continue reading Game Theory at Fidgets2Widgets

Fidgets2Widgets at NW Kids Summer Camp Expo

We are SO excited. We are going to be at the NW Kids Summer Camp Expo 2016 that takes place at OMSI, April 2nd. Mark your calendars and come see the latest and greatest technology at our exhibition table.  NW Kids Summer Camp Expo 2016 Saturday, April 2, 2016 | 10am-5pm OMSI | 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland

Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Even though most of us never took a parenting class in High School or were officially taught how to parent, we know that a parent's responsibility is to KNOW and to TEACH. Right?? We remember well those nights spent doing homework with our parent's helping us or learning about the world at large from those giants … Continue reading Mentoring Parents/Mentoring Kids

Parenting the Twice-Exceptional

We have two Minecraft Servers at Fidgets2Widgets. One is named Greenfield, a project that lacks constraints, where creativity is KING! The second is called, Widgetaria, a magical place where our Widgetarians can dream and live in a Utopian society. Many of the citizens of these lands are twice-exceptional kids--kids who are gifted in one area and experience learning … Continue reading Parenting the Twice-Exceptional