Fiodgets2Widgets has been featured and mentioned in a number of excellent news and educational media. Click through the links to read what other organizations think of F2W and read or listen to several interviews with co-founder Pam Simon. We keep this page as up to date as possible, so check back often for the newest F2W features and mentions.

Press Release

STEM Focus Afterschool and Homeschool program Opens in SW PDX 


National Afterschool Association

Taking a Leap of Faith 

Integrating Technology and Learning

Lake Oswego Review

Embracing tech, engaging kids

The Register Guard

“Making Room for Cyberspace” page 1, 2

Westlake Living

Tech Talk: Four Guidelines for Password Management

North Gilham Living

Tech Talk: Embrace Your Fear of Tech



AMNorthwest “Fidgets 2 Widgets Provides After-School & Summer Enrichment to Middle School Students

After-school program uses ‘Minecraft’ to help kids learn


Star 102.3

Interview: Pam Simon with Son, Chad Simon
June 5, 2013


Heaven Sent and Bent


International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)

6 Minecraft lessons offer a motherlode of learning