Dedicated Homework Time

A Widgetarian is deep into his geometry homework: drawing pattern blocks to represent an equation. He’s doing it in the Wii Room because it’s a little quieter than in the Creeper’s Den where those done with their homework are deep in their Minecraft LAN worlds. Little does he realize that what he’s doing with his … Continue reading Dedicated Homework Time

I forgot about my homework!

A dreaded phrase in our house is, "Oh Mom, I forgot that I have a paper due tomorrow. Can you help me?" This phrase is usually delivered with the appropriate amount of panic in the voice, 10 minutes before bedtime. For years and years and years (having three sons) I would reluctantly agree and join … Continue reading I forgot about my homework!

The No Homework Zone

HOMEWORK!  For some parents, the mere sound of the word strikes terror to the heart, for they remember past years filled with procrastination, lost assignments, more procrastination and conferences with teacher.  Gone are the tranquil, Norman Rockwell evenings of summer.  Replaced, instead, by evenings filled with diplomatic negotiations and familial stand-offs.  If you are a … Continue reading The No Homework Zone